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Spinal Tap By 3ftdeep by 3ftDeep
Spinal Tap By 3ftdeep
I've not produced much for a while so here is something I finished from my 'to do' posters.

I finished this one because Michael McKean is currently in 'Better Call Saul' which is really good & reminded me of David St. Hubbins in Spinal Tap.
Regarding the image, the 'dial to 11' is funny but a bit cliche. The 'henge' is also amusing but the 'puppet show' is the part that really makes me laugh in the film. I love that : )

I've made this with a bit more of a  'vector' feel, although none of it is. I was really pleased with how the blue text turned out.
Hope it's not too much of a mish-mash.

Hopefully you like it too : )

Just as a side note, IMDB rate movies out of 10. Spinal Tap is rated out of 11 : )
Butcher Holler movie poster by 3ftDeep
Butcher Holler movie poster
Hello. I was recently asked to produce a poster for 'Butcher Holler', an upcoming feature film written by Dan Shea & produced by Under the Stairs Entertainment. This is what I came up with. I hope you like it.
Zone 2 movie project crowd funding -3ftdeep by 3ftDeep
Zone 2 movie project crowd funding -3ftdeep

My artwork for Zone 2 movie  by Under the Stair Entertainment,  is featured on a wonderful crowd-funding campaign here »…

Please go and take a look, share & maybe contribute.

Please, please share this. Thanks : )

Leon The Professional - Alternative Poster Revison by 3ftDeep
Leon The Professional - Alternative Poster Revison
I know I posted this originally a year or so ago but I'm just revisiting some of my work & tidying it up a bit.
I've not changed too much other than create & type proper text & logos rather than just grabing images from other posters (I'm inherently lazy when doing these ... maybe I shouldn't say that : )
The main reason for this is so I can happily produce larger prints of my work - A2 nicely & A1 with a little loss of sharpness.
Anyway, I hope you like it second time around.
Batman V Superman WIP - Not Lazer Cut : ) by 3ftDeep
Batman V Superman WIP - Not Lazer Cut : )
SuperDude001 asked this: "Out of curiosity, are all those little logos really lazer cut pieces (in the piece sumbited after this)? Or is it just a few and then digitally rendered the rest with the bunch? And if so, what do you plan to do with all the logos afterwards?"

Unfortunately, nothing physical here, I'm afraid. It's all computer trickery, with a little smoke & a few mirrors : ) Sorry to get your hopes up.
After much deliberation, I've decided to open an Etsy shop for my posters (as well as other stuff)

I'm not sure how long the movie inspired posters will be listed, so make the most of it whilst you can.

I've started adding stuff today (23rd Aug 2012) and will keep doing so but if there is something you'd like but don't see, please let me know.

Thanks very much for all the kind comments I've had regarding my work : )


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United Kingdom
Freelance Graphic Design, Illustration, Animation. All in the name of trying to be Creative. Always interested in work or commissions : )

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madforstereo Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I know it's kinda late in the day, but

Many happy returns, Gary! :D

3ftDeep Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013  Professional General Artist
Hey, Thanks very much. I'm sorry for not getting back to you following our conversation but your tutorials were great & have given me food for thought.
I'll get back in touch for your expert advice if / when i get around to doing some more 3D.

Thanks again

Gary : )

ps. I like Tabasco sauce but the supermarkets only sell little bottles. For my B'day, my parents got me a really big bottle from a supplier. It puts a smile on my face every time I see it in the cupboard : )
madforstereo Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
...ever since my wife tried to spice up our macaroni with a bit too much of that sauce some twenty years ago I've been a bit reticent with using it again, LOL, but I am really happy for you :)
3ftDeep Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013  Professional General Artist
You should give it another go ... in moderation ; )
Hope all is well with you. I thought I'd followed you but I hadn't. Sorry about that. It's done now : )

That Storm-De Sluimerende Dood Ana
is amazing. I really like the depth of the distant, faded figures. Really, really great stuff. I doff my virtual hat in your direction.
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keslo123 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2013
Very nice works! Короче, охрененные работы! Привет из России! Мне нужна твоя помощь в логотипе. Напиши мне.
3ftDeep Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2013  Professional General Artist
Hi there. Thanks for your kind words. Need help with a logo? What are you looking for? Please let me know. Thanks

From Google Translate >>

Привет. Спасибо за Ваши добрые слова. Нужна помощь с логотипом? Что вы ищете? Пожалуйста, дайте мне знать. спасибо
keslo123 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2013
Hi! Yes, I need help! I have an illustration in the header ( In the illustration, there is an area for the logo (screen left). But I can not write beautifully. Tried again and again: (And then I saw your work with neon. Very cool!
My studio (one called me :) KANBY. I would like to write the name of the studio left in this screen as your neon works.


Привет! Да, нужна помощь! У меня есть иллюстрация в шапку сайта ( На иллюстрации есть область для логотипа (экран слева) . Но я не могу красиво вписать. ПРобовал снова и снова :( И потом увидел твои работы с неоном. Очень классно!
Моя студия (из одного меня :) называется KANBY. Я хотел бы вписать название студии в этот левый экран в виде твоих неоновых работ.
milakay2424 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013
Hey I was wondering if you accepted requests for posters? I'd like some for the movies that I'm looking for but I can't seem to find the movies on your site. Thanks for your time, you are very talented by the way.
3ftDeep Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013  Professional General Artist
Hi there. Thanks for getting in touch. What were you looking for?
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